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My submission for girl Glue volume 2 - theres some absolutely amazing ladies in this issue (some of which i would never even dream of being along side) can’t wait to see how this issue turns out, i’m sure it will be amazing and beautiful.
i drew a young goth witch for all my honeys cooped up in their rooms at night, listening to Nick Cave and keeping sour faces hidden from everything but the moon.

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Collab with conniephotog & plsdreams 🌈

in @thepulpzine

Photographer & stylist: Connie McDonald
Artwork: Pamela Loredo Sustaita
Model: Mackenzie

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Summer Nude #2, ArtyAbode


Pixie Cut.

Summer Nude, ArtyAbode


#me #selfportrait #illustration #elisamacellari

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Maddy young - ink on paper 2014


London Girls. A Fairy Tale by Arvida Byström & Maria Pizzeria

There’s a new generation of young girls carving their names into London’s creative industry and this shoot brings you a key selection of them. Go and pick your favorite color!

Photographer: arvidabystrom 

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I’ve been all over the place recently, my journal has not been kept up to date at all. But yesterday I had the afternoon off so I sat in the sun with scissors and oranges. It was a really lovely afternoon. The middle right image I drew after falling in love with this picture from art-creature, she’s one of my favourite tumblr artists. :)



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'Summer Girls' is something I dreamed up for a postcard. Even though it's right in the thick of winter here now, I'm looking forward to summer. x

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Sweet handmade ceramic dishes by Marnski Handmade on etsy 

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